Pet Carriers & Dog Travel Crates

Pets come in all shapes and sizes and pet carriers and dog travel crates do too.

It’s critical that your pet travels in the right size for him or her – not too small and not too big either. If a dog carrier is too big, things will start to get uncomfortable for your pet should the flight experience turbulence.

Arranging transport for your pet is stressful enough so let Dogtainers help you choose exactly the right size pet carrier for your pet. Every carrier and crate that we use complies with IATA specifications and all are approved by airlines. Qantas and Virgin Australia partnered with us to hire out our range of IATA specified, air-approved pet travel crates to passengers travelling with pets. Problem solved. Hire your crate now.

The Best Crate For Your Mate

Whether travelling internationally or interstate, send your pet off in comfort with the right-sized, airline-approved animal crate, giving you both peace of mind.

Dog Crates & Cat Crates

Whether a puppy or kitten or older pet, let Dogtainers help you select the right crate for your dog or cat, one with just the right amount of space. Available for purchase and for hire, our dog and cat carriers:

  • Have plastic (most common), wooden, or steel mesh designs
  • Include integrated drinkers
  • Are regularly cleaned and sanitised
  • Manufactured following strict airline regulations

Crates For Other Animals
From exotic fish to birds, goats, llamas and even pot-belly pigs, if you need to transport a more exotic animal or unusual pet, we’re here to help.

We’ll help you select the most suitable, airline-approved travel crate for your pet, ensuring comfort and safety throughout their travels.

Smaller animals, including birds and reptiles, travel in wooden crates with steel mesh panels.

Larger passengers are accommodated in custom-built animal crates.

Struggling to see it happen? Let us help you look after import/export paperwork, quarantine, vaccinations, and all other international pet travel requirements.

Airline rules & regulations
Most airlines restrict the travel of certain breeds of dog: be sure to check with your preferred airline.

Qantas: Only service dogs can travel in the cabin. Very young (8-12 weeks) and very old pets (over 12 years) require a health certificate. Pets under 8 weeks can’t travel.